Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall is Here!

Here are some of the most recent photos of Ellie and Sophia. We had a great time on Saturday taking photos in the garden of an Italian farmer here in the Naples area. It is so nice to have the change in seasons already, its cooler, the sky is clear, we are getting some rain, its gorgeous!

Ellie is getting very excited about Halloween this year. She has chosen an Alice in Wonderland costume. This is the first year I will not be making her costume...I am too busy right now! Next year I will make costumes for sure. Sophia is going to be the cute ladybug costume I made. It should be fun.

Ellie is also talking about her birthday all the time. Luckily its getting closer! We are going to have a jungle themed party with her best friend Hayden. I have already designed the invites and am working on decorations.
It should be a wonderful fall.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to School!

Ellie started back at school this week at Children's Garden of Learning. She is going three days a week, she is so big! This year she is in Ms. Jolene's class, which is very exciting! Ms. Jolene is a friend of mine, and she is a wonderful teacher, friend and person. Ellie is already coming home with a spring in her step! I can't believe how big she is, and how much fun and happiness she brings to our family. I feel very blessed to be her mom!

Sophia is doing well also. She is saying lots of new words and she is always a big hit at my volunteer meetings. She has a very charasmatic personality and I love all of her silly faces! She is my girl who loves to cuddle, so that makes me very happy too. Chris and I both feel so grateful to have two amazing girls!