Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Rennfest

I love Maryland! The longer I live here the more I love it. We are into our third year here, (how is that possible?) I am finding more and more interesting things to do here. I know we have barely scratched the surface of what we need to experience and visit while we are living here, but here is something you must do if you visit Maryland in September and October.
The renaissance festival! This incredible place is tucked in the rolling green agriculture lands of Crownsville outside Annapolis.

Here is a description from http://www.rennfest.com/.
"The Maryland Renaissance Festival is a recreation of a 16th century English village. Our village is named Revel Grove, and is set on a beautiful 25-acre wooded site with 85 acres of free parking. The village consists of craft and food booths, five pubs, ten major stages, a Jousting Arena and lots of games.
The Maryland Renaissance Festival has become the region's premier outdoor event and the second largest Renaissance Festival in the country. Since the Festival's first season as a ramshackle village in 1977, the event has matured into a large theme show with more than 1,300 participants and 280,000 guests per season. "
I am so glad we got to go this year. Last year I had just had Gradon and well, taking a new baby to the renfest just didn't sound appealing. This year we took the whole family, and we all had a fantastic time.
We were lucky to go with our friends the Mahaffeys' some of our favorite people here in Maryland. They were experts on where to go and what to see.

It was fun to walk through the village, I loved the ribbons strung from the buildings.

As we walked to our first spot, we saw a friendly spar with swords:

We all wanted to see the joust, so we started there first-

Next, we rode the elephant!

We made our way around to the games and stopped for a snack. On our way we were stopped for bad behavior and put in the stocks-

But finally made it out and had turkey legs and fries.

And then the pony rides.

We then had fun on the super slide, and took a break at the pirate ship play area.

After this we wound our way back to the village square for some grub. Something we wanted to do but didn't have time was watch a glass blowing demo. We hope to see that next year. Thoughout the afternoon I kept my eyes peeled for King Henry, and did spot him on our way around the faire with his lovely queen Katherine Parr. ( I didn't get the chance to get a photo of him, however.)

The girls picked a pretty flower crown to remember their time at the faire.

On our way out of the faire we met with some of the ladies of the court, and they oblidged to stop for a photo. A great day at the rennfest. Can't wait to go back for more next year.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Change in the Weather

It really is fall here- I was hoping for a bit more summer! I wake up every morning hoping we might get a day full of sunshine...but it's just been gray and rainy mostly.

The other night we were cleaning out my car and playing outside. I took these quick pics of my little boy. I can't believe he is growing up so fast. He is almost 14 months old! He is so sweet. He is my little shadow, so easy going, funny. He loves music he is always dancing and clapping to music. We love our little Gradon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We are back in school! Ellie started her first day of first grade on August 30th, and she is so happy to be back in her routine. Monday was the first day back to preschool for Sophia, big girl going three days a week at our fun co op preschool here. I can't believe she will be a big Kindergartner next year! 

Sophia started ballet again! She loved it! I am so excited that she is enjoying it. She wants to go everyday! She tells me what kind of dances she wants to make up and show our favorite teacher Ms. Elaine, my girl is hooked!

Sophia also got a brand new, big girl haircut...a little shorter than I wanted it to be, but she loves it and feels so big and special. Here she is on her first day of preschool, such a pretty little girl!

Ellie is also back dancing this year. She has started her first year of Cecchetti training. I am so proud! She has also moved up to the junior dance team this year, she feels very grown up being able to do some of the big girl dances she watched last year. I am excited too! That girl loves to dance! 

I feel like I am really behind lately in so many things. The end of the year can be a blur for me, and I have lots of things on my list that I need to accomplish and things that need attention. What I wouldn't give for a little more summer...it just seemed so short! We are back in our routine...it has been rainging like cray here post Irene. Another tropical storm came through and it rained so much I felt like it might never be sunny again! Today it is finally beautiful again and coolish, like fall is right around the corner.  Early Fall? Summer I miss you like crazy.