Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's November

HOW? How is it November? It's cold out there, and I am as usual way behind. My husband keeps checking his email for updates from my blaaahhhg. Sorry dear, they aren't there, I am swamped. I don't even know HOW to catch up. So let's start here and move forward with a few back story pictures maybe to fill in where we have been, where I have here goes. Moving forward.

It's November and of course a month of thanks. I have such a full heart right now it's hard to put into words how grateful I am for my little life, for my sweet family, wonderful husband, incredible friends and my faith. We had a hurricane out here recently, Sandy? She did a lot of damage to dear people up in New Jersey and New York. The photos and reports were truly epic, and yet here we just got lots of rain and a couple of days home from school. I feel so blessed that we were protected during that crazy storm. The eye of the storm passed over Baltimore, just miles from us. Crazy I tell you, crazy. We have a safe dry, happy home filled with love. I am thankful.

Ellie is doing so well again this year. She loves her 2nd grade class, and is dancing three nights a week and an occasional acro class on Saturday mornings. She just can't get enough dance. This weekend I am taking her to the the ballet with some of our bestest friends. We will be watching Romeo and Juliet by the San Francisco Ballet. I can't wait. I am seriously giddy. She is turning eight in a week. I can't believe it! I asked her what she wanted this year, if she wanted a party or to go to the ballet and she picked the ballet. She is growing up. I am amazed at her sweetness and depth. I love her to pieces. I'm planning a fun photo shoot for her, eight is great and must be captured accordingly!

Sophia. She is my tenacious unconquerable kindergartner. She really loves school and is learning so much. My second child has never really enjoyed lesson time with me, and I was a bit worried about her starting school without a lot of reading skills, but she has grown so much in the past few months, and is doing so well. I'm quite pleased. She is dancing and competing on the little Petite Team this year and just got her first costume, it's so pretty! And it's blue. Sophia is thrilled about that. My girl is coming into herself well. I do adore her little self.

Gradon. Oh my what a boy he is. I love being his mom. He is such a mamma's boy. He loves loves loves trains and cars. He loves to throw clean laundry and dirty laundry all over my bedroom floor and use laundry baskets as cars. It's wonderful. He loves to play outside and read books. He insists on giving hugs and kisses to anyone who comes and goes to and from our home, he's very sweet and affectionate. Lately he has been joining me in the early morning trek to the bus stop to drop off the girls for school. He is fascinated with the number of cars that pass by on our street, and thinks the bus is pretty awesome.

As for Chris, our fearless doctor-to-be, he's trudging through the last months of school. We find out in less than a month where we will be headed for residency. It's hard to believe we are at that point, I feel like it was just yesterday I was talking to my sister in law (who's husband just graduated and moved to San Diego) about how long medical school felt to me....and now it's almost over. I am not sure where we will be, but chances are it won't be here, which has brought me a lot of sadness. Who would have thought I'd love it this much? That I'd call Maryland home. It's hard to think about leaving, so honestly I push it far away from my everyday thoughts. We have a good life here, but I have to believe that we will go where we need to be...

Me? I'm busy being a wife, mother, teacher, primary president, and photographer. It's a busy life. I feel like I need to slow down, and am working on getting rid of stuff that causes me stress. =) I feel very blessed to be where I am, to be learning and trying to be better, and aware of the blessings around me. The holidays are here, I hope to enjoy them fully with my family and friends. Here are a few pictures of the kids taken on a lovely afternoon in October: