Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

We had an incredible snow storm Wednesday night. I think we had about 7 inches! When I got up Thursday at 6am, it looked like our whole neighborhood was under a thick blanket of snow, I love how the snow reflects the light, so even at night, you can see things you wouldn't without all that lovely snow. School was cancelled, but Chris had to dig himself out and head to school. The girls and I slept in and then we made these:
Rainbow pancakes. I got the idea from here:The Idea Room. Mine didn't turn out quite as colorful, but the kids had a blast mixing the colors, and they ate a huge stack which was quite fun. I think I will use my wilton dyes next time to achieve better colors. We topped them with syrup and cream and they were a very fun colorful breakfast treat on this cold morning.
The kids have been outside almost all day. They came in for a lunch break and some rest and now they are back outside sledding and having fun. We are getting so used to having late days and no school, I wonder what is going to happen when the snow clears up and I have to get Ellie on the bus by 7:38 again...until then we will just enjoy our snowcation!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up

Last week was weird. The weather threw me off a bit, but this week I am back on my game, moving forward. I am still sticking to my goals, and keeping track of things, but boy has my house need attention; just when I think things are in a good place, I turn around and there is a pile in front of me! =) Today it seemed like every piece of clothing we own needed washing, folding and putting away. There have been other things that have needed my energy and attention last week that have quite honestly taken a lot out of me, but I am working through those things and trying to stay positive and focused on what is important.

(When watching the video, you can pause my music player on the right to hear the audio.)
On the bright side, we did have a few fun days with our cousins, and another visit from some of our favorite people Aunt Alene, Uncle Grant and cousin Penn. We went tubing at Liberty Mountain in Pennsylvania. The girls LOVED it. The big hill was really fast the day we went, but even Ellie went down on her own. Sophia and Penn were too young to ride the bigger hill, so they enjoyed getting pulled around by Uncle Grant and Daddy. Chris had a great time, I know he loves being around his brothers, and getting away from the books and studying.

January is almost over, I am getting really antsy and excited for warmer weather around the corner. More than anything, I have my heart and sights set on summer. It is really helping me stick to my goals. We are headed to CA and have LOTS of fun plans. I can't wait! I need to just pace myself and live in the moment and stay grounded, there is so much that has to happen between now and then...but for me, right now, it has been great to have something fun to look forward to.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last night we had a little snow sprinkling followed by quite a bit of freezing rain. The result? No school today for my kindergartner and another day added to our long weekend. The snowy winter weather has me captivated. I love to wake up to an interesting new world, a whole new way to see a tree or a view you take for granted every day. Growing up in CA, I have spent little time in the snow and ice. I lived in Provo Utah for a few years while attending school at BYU, but I think the winter there is much more grey and oppressive...maybe I just didn't appreciate it the way I should have. Today the kids and I bundled up and we ventured out to discover a yard covered in a glaze of ice, slowly dripping and melting away; plants and objects frozen in time. My kids enjoyed pretending they were 'skating' on the ice. I took a lot of photos. We have enjoyed being cuddled up today. We'll see how long my restless spirit enjoys this hibernation.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Morning

It snowed last night. big beautiful floaty soft flakes. Some friends and I went out last night to celebrate my birthday, and a few of our husbands couldn't believe we were headed out late into the snow. For me it was magic. We ate, talked, laughed. It was good. I needed it. We got home around midnight, just as the snow stopped falling. I wanted to go outside and play! I crawled into bed looking forward to morning.This morning the snow was patiently waiting for us to wake up and discover it again. My girls were so happy. Today my schedule is just not going to happen. Today is for playing in the snow.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Light exercise

One of the things I am focusing in on this year is my photography. I am sick of making excuses for not doing what I want to do in my life, so here I go, on an adventure to learn. I am determined to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. Soooo here are some photos from today. My friend Jeri is an amazing photographer and has given me some guidlines to help my technique and I am rather excited about the pictures ahead, and the chance to learn more. Click on the photo to see it larger. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gradon is 5 months

I forgot to mention that my little baby turned 5 months old over the holiday break. Where does the time go?  He is sitting up all by himself, has had his first rice cereal, loves his circle bouncer and is such a baby love bug. We love him! He is really entering that fun interactive stage, where he loves to talk talk talk and smile and laugh. We are all totally smitten with him. I am sure you can see why. =)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! And the end of 2010 wrap up...

It's been a great week! The last of 2010 brought my 34th birthday, a trip to the temple lights, and a fun New Year's Eve celebration. 2011 has entered my heart with full force, and I am determined to keep the momentum going and funnel my positive thoughts into doing good, for myself, my family and for others. I am excited about my plans and goals, and am most grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who patiently waits while I try and catch up. 2010 was a great year, the highlight for me being the birth of my sweet baby boy, he is such a joy, such a sweet soul, I feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude for him. I am also so grateful for Chris' successes in med school, he is doing well, and working so hard. Enjoy a few photo moments from the last of 2010.
Enjoying the decorated trees, lights and nativity at the temple square visitor's center:
Birthday cake!
I had a great birthday. Chris took me out for sushi and a movie the night prior. The night of my birthday Chris made me dinner and a cake, it was a nice day. New Year's Eve was fun with friends as we rang in the new year, looking forward to a new year of possibilities and hope. Happy New Year everyone!