Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 weeks!

We are happy to announce that we are expecting our third baby, due July 26th 2010. Chris, the girls and I are happily enjoying these first few weeks. Ellie has already named the baby, 'Ruby'. This is funny to me, I think its because the girls watch a show called Max and Ruby about a pair of bunny siblings. Sophia has hence decided to call the baby 'Max', or 'Blue Baby.' All of this conversation is fun. We aren't sure about the names just yet, but many people have the opinion that this baby is going to be a boy. Before we were even pregnant people told us our next baby would be a boy, particularly our Italian friends. I will be happy with whatever comes our way. It would be fun to have a boy in the mix, but a girl would be so fun too. Our first doctor's appointment was yesterday, and we had our first ultrasound. The photos and images were amazing. The baby's organs and body are so amazing, fully formed yet so small. This is my third pregnancy, yet life is still such a fragile amazing gift. I am so excited to be a mom again. We are excited about this addition to our family!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December Flies By

So much to share about the month of December, so I will try and summarize the best I can. For me, December can bring a lot of emotional moments. Christmas is always a cherished memory, my parents always did their best to make sure there was always magic around Christmastime. I loved the expectation and waking up to find suprises from Santa. My folks always new how to create awe and wonder. I am trying to do that with my own children. This year the girls were happy to get a doll house from Santa. It was a big hit. I had a sewing project in the works, but that didn't pan out, unlike my mother, I am not sure how to sew with my children around, I am thinking I need to sew late at night, I am sure that was her secret. =) There were several years my mother would make a dress or a costume, or doll clothes as a Christmas surprise. One year she made me a long white eyelet dress. I loved it SO much that I wore it until it was knee length, and mom finally had to tell me it was too small. She always knew how to make Christmas special.

I wonder if the reason why they did so much for us is for some of the same reasons we try and instill magic in our own childrens' Christmases. We WANT and CRAVE Christmas magic of our own. It seems the best way to re capture that 'feeling' is to help our own children relish in the magic of the season. Christmas isn't about gifts and baubles and lights and cookies. In fact the older I get the more I do truly appreciate the real meaning of the season; love, sacrifice, hope, joy, humble beginnings. Even now, when we read the Christmas story, I marvel at how a lovely young mother could give birth to a baby in a cow stall. I ponder the glorious angelic appearance to shepherds in their fields, and the arrival of three royal kings to the boy king. Its all pretty magical.

My girls love Christmas music. They love to sing the classic Christmas carols, dance to the fun current holiday music, and twirl to the Nutcracker. They love to put up the nativity and hold the baby Jesus. So much magic we are creating, it warms me, and I hope each year will hold magic for all of us.