Thursday, December 10, 2009


November FLEW by us! It was a wonderful month, full of memories and activities! Of course we enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving at home, my parents flew out from CA to spend the holiday with us. They also were able to be here to celebrate Ellie's 5th birthday. Ellie and my mom share a birthday, its a pretty special thing! November 24th is a wonderful day. We had a Chinese food feast with our family in the area, Andy and Teresa and their kids, Dan and Kelly and their little ones, as well as Grant and Alene and cute Penn. I made beef and noodle stir fry, soup with dumplings, shrimp fried rice, and chinese bbq ribs. It was so good! Of course we had plenty of cake and ice cream too! The cousins had a blast running around together, it has been so great being so close together. Unfortunately Dan and Kelly are moving to Lemoore CA for his next set of orders (we are so happy for them) and Grant and Alene are hoping to match in San Diego for his intern year and residency in orthopedic surgery. We will definitely enjoy the last few times we will be all together!
Thanksgiving was a busy day of cooking. My parents were wonderful about helping to prepare the feast, and the girls helped me make the rolls and pies. It is so fun having them in the kitchen! (Most of the time). We enjoyed leftovers for DAYS afterwards, and now we are winding up to Christmas! Where does the time go!??
At this joyous time of year we are ever grateful for our health, strength and the love of family and friends. We miss GREATLY our friends in Naples. Italy was such a wonderful 2 years for us. We are looking to many great years and memories here in Maryland.