Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lots and Lots of Photos

I have been shooting like mad lately, it has been fantastic! I have a shoot Sunday, and I am really excited about it, a really cute senior girl. I have been learning so much lately on my photography journey. Last Monday night I took my own kids out for some photos. We didn't have time to take photos on Sunday which was a bummer. In the photos we took Monday they aren't wearing their Easter atire, but the shoot did help satiate my need for some Spring images. Sophia was not interested in taking pictures, but we did the best we could. Yesterday I went out on a hunt for a location for my senior shoot tomorrow and found a great park. I can't wait to shoot tomorrow. I have lots of ideas. Here are some from Monday.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have been trying to get this post written since Monday, but I have had a hard time writing it. I have mixed feeling about our Spring Break, but I will do my best to share some of our week. There were lovely moments. Things have been hard here recently, unexpected bumps in the road that are frustrating, but not un recoverable. The kids had a great week I think overall. Saturday they went to a fabulous Easter Egg hunt hosted by some of our favorite people, (I was at a baptism for a primary child at church.) Sunday we went to church and had our extended family over for a yummy lamb dinner. Monday the girls and I did our gym routine followed by lunch out and a visit to the pool. I wanted to take some photos of the kids so we did a quick shoot and I actually got a few nice images that I will post later.

I have been reminded of the great blessings that I enjoy everyday. My life, my membership in the Lord's church, my children and family. The Atonement of Christ assures me that no matter what happens, no matter how hard the road, I am loved and I important in Heavenly Father's eyes. I know that I will live with my family again because of that great sacrifice. I know I am blessed. I know each day I am trying to be a little better and stand a little taller. I am so thankful for this time of year that helps re focus my perspective. I am grateful for the love of my wonderful husband and children. They love me no matter what. I am so thankful we are a family forever. Life is good, my friends. Life is good.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

8 months

Before my baby turns 9 months old in a week I should share the pictures I took of him when he turned 8 months. This baby is a dream. He sleeps so well, he loves to eat, he is content, loves to play, he smiles and laughs at his sisters. He loves music, loves to sing along and make lots of noise. He loves books. He is content and sweet. He is so much fun. We love him to pieces. When I hold him I can feel that we have known each other a long time. Do you ever feel that way with your children? Like you knew them before this life?

I love this little baby.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Walk

The weather here has been tricky the past few days, the forcast has been rainy, with some showers, sunny, then get the idea, totally random and crazy. Of course it's spring break when I want to be OUT and doing things. I haven't been able to depend on the weather, but that hasn't spoiled my mood much. Today was brilliant. I wanted to take the kids to Brookside Gardens, but they were having so much fun playing outside I didn't want to interrupt. Ellie and Sophia were running through falling blossoms off our neighbor's tree. I didn't even try and take any photos, I just let them play and enjoy not having me in their way. We had some lemonade and just enjoyed the sun.

Yesterday it rained off and on, and there were lovely moments of sun. Sophia and I took little walk once Dad got home, near dusk. I walked out the door with my camera and Sophia had her camera with her, too. (Good girl!)We walked around our circle and then down the path to the little park near our house. It was so nice. She held my hand and we talked about all kinds of things that four year olds think is was neat. Soon Sophia grew hungry for a snack so we wandered back home. It was 30 minutes of bliss for me. Time with my little girl and sharing something I love to do, photography! Spring, you are here and I am grateful.

 yes...more sun flare...I like this one

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Middle of the Month

And there is lots to report. Ellie and her cute team have danced in two more dance competitions. She and her team are so beautiful. I am amazed at how much they are growing each time they dance, truly they inspire me. Yesterday was their best one yet, even with the dancing gummy bears...long story.

I had another photo shoot. I took some of the best pictures. I learned a valuable painful lesson. I am never going to find myself in that stupid place again. All of that has really got me thinking about this photography biz. I want it so bad! My friend Jeri said it's time to just jump in and do it, because really, I am only going to get better each time and really, why not? gulp. I am learning that I don't like the work part much about photography...the creative process, yes, the work after, not so much. I guess that is what is going to make the decision for me, can I handle the work part?

I have been spending more time outside lately. It has been good for my soul. I have been walking around barefoot outside taking pictures of all the flowers in bloom and working on my sun flare. I love this time of year!

I am wearing smaller jeans. My gap cute jeans. This makes me happy. Hoping to keep moving forward with that, my body is finally changing, and that is what matters.

I am looking forward to our trip here. It is seven weeks away. I am also looking forward to the beach. I hope we get there this week, even if it is only to look for shells and put our feet in the water. I love the beach. Here is a photo of me and Ellie on the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland two years ago, and one of my little tiny cinderella girl. My how time flies!

Spring is shaping up nicely. We are looking forward to a fun week for Spring Break. I have some fun things planned. I will let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

abbiamo mangiato all'esterno

yesterday spring was here.
today it is not. it was pouring rain today and cold.
yesterday Sophia and I spent 85% of the day outside. it was lovely.

in the evening I wanted steak so badly, it was perfect bbq weather. so, we bbq'd some amazing ribeyes and hot dogs for the kids.
I made a killer garlic bread, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and made a phenomenal salad. we ate outside. I am looking forward to more outside dining. I am looking forward to more spring.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A day at the ballet

Last Saturday my dear friend Jeri and I took our little ballerinas to the Kennedy Center in DC for a ballet concert. I have always wanted to go to the Kennedy Center, as a young girl I remember watching performances on TV that were broadcast from this incredible venue. When I walked into the building I felt a tremendous thrill, I was going to the ballet with my little girl, at the Kennedy Center! The performance, entitled Proteges III, showcased ballet companies from all over the world, Holland, Japan, Argentina and Russia. The performance seemed to go by so quickly, it was magical. I wanted another hour of dancing! It was interesting to me how diverse each dance company was -unique and beautiful.

During intermission our little girls enjoyed exploring the building a little bit. It's funny as a parent how you see your kids, my experience in this historic theater was much different from Ellie's. I was living a dream of mine, and she was having an afternoon with mama and her friend at the ballet. I hope she will remember these moments. I loved it. It was a good day.