Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer Days...

I love summer. Actually, I love all the seasons...but here is what I love about summer in Italy...for one, spending time with my girls reminds me so much of my own childhood. I remember spending hours outside...playing, swimming, dreaming, biking, climbing...whatever.

So, to watch my two girls exploring the world around them brings me so much happiness. I really don't feel my age most days, and I am glad I can still remember summers as a child.

Here in Italy we have a very small yard...when I say small, I mean postage stamp sized yard. We make the most of it, but we really miss backyards and such in the states. The past few days since the pools have closed due to school starting up again, we have been spending a lot of time in our wading pool out in the yard. The girls love it, and of course we always have a popsicle outside afterwards, and its so cute watching Sophia try and eat a popsicle. She loves the pool and often brings me her swimsuit during the day and says 'pool, pool.' She is getting new words all the time.

Ellie loves to be outside as much as she can, and both the girls love to help me water the plants. Its nice since we dont pay for water, I dont worry about how much water goes on the lawn or on the trees...very different mindset than living in the desert in California. They love to spray eachother and by the time we are done 'watering' the plants everyone is usually soaked. Its great. :)

The girls are so fun together... they giggle and play all the time. I am so glad that they have eachother.


Team Hillman said...

Sooo cute. Isn't blogging fun. Your girls look like they get along very well together. That is adorable.

emily said...

found ya. Good job posting the blog site on Facebook!

I am excited you are in the blogging world. I want LOTS of photos of those charming girls, lots of Italy, and mostly, I want to hear your thoughts on life. I love the way you look at the world.


G said...

These little girls are so adorable. What a fun little blog you have. I'm gonna link it to mine. :)

CaliforniaCoxs said...

Hey Maggie and Chris, it's the Cox Family from the lovely Desert in CA! Saw you on Amy's blog, can't believe how much the girls have grown! Italy looks beautiful!

Kelly and John Smurthwaite said...

I loved this picture so much, I stole it! BTW, there is a wonderful little book, Italianissimo, that you will love. It talks about so many quirky things that we love and love to hate about Italian culture. Check out "We're all pals together" blog. It's for all of us! Love, John and Kelly