Thursday, October 29, 2009


Is nearly over, I know, but I must enter a blog about this month, one of my favorites of the year.
We are officially 90% moved into our house, the other 10% will take about 3-4 years to complete, probably once Chris is done with med school, its just the way we roll! The girls and I are totally into a routine, which for me is so important. We spend our morning at the gym, run an errand or two, come home, eat lunch, Sophia takes a nap, Ellie and I do preschool. Our afternoons are pretty loose, we play, have a snack and the girls patiently await Daddy's return home from school. Ellie is in ballet once a week, and Sophia recently started gymnastics.

Both girls are doing so well, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be their mom. I love fall, the cool weather, the change of pace from the busy and yet lazy summer days. Instead of playing at the pool we spend our days in the backyard swinging on the new swing, or baking goodies.

Here are my top five things about October:
5. October for me officially begins the autumn season which means candy, pumpkins, costumes and Halloween!
4.The fall colors, leaves of every shade of orange, red, yellow and brown, EVERYWHERE
especially here in Maryland.
3. Pumpkin Picking with my kiddos
2. Cooler weather means sweaters and scarves!
1. Baking yummy goodies at home with the kids

I love making costumes for the kids. This year I tested my weak sewing skills with a lovely fairy princess costume for Ellie. It almost took my sanity, but the costume is finished! The girls looked so cute in their costumes at the ward's trunk or treat. My little Sophia in her monkey costume was a big hit. We are looking forward to November. Ellie will be turning five, which is totally a shock to me. She is totally a little girl now, responsible, helpful, sweet, SMART and funny. I love being around her. Sophia is constantly making me laugh, and is so sassy. She is fearless, brave and strong. I love that about her. My folks will be coming out for a visit and we look forward to taking them into DC and to other things close by. We are totally enjoying our new life that we are creating here in Maryland.

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Rachel said...

My long-lost-cousin, it looks like you're settling back in to life in America! Glad you are back on the same continent at least - maybe some day we'll be able to catch up in person again! Enjoy the holidays! Are you going to see your parents?