Friday, October 22, 2010

Have you ever?

Been in a moment that was photo worthy and didn't have your camera? Better yet, maybe a set of paints to paint a picture inspired by the moment you remember? Driving home from Sophia's preschool field trip Thursday I had one of those moments: a moment so amazingly beautiful it made me choke up with emotion. I was driving down a typical country farm road on our way back from Triadelphia Farm, and in one breathless moment I was on a road lined with the most AMAZING trees: golds, reds, browns, oranges, dappled in light, with golden leaves falling down down DOWN on the road in abundant showers. I didn't have a way to capture it, but it was lovely.

Instead, I have a few funny photos from the pumpkin patch of Sophia and her friends. It was silly crazy preschool fun. Sophia avoids the camera like crazy, so here are the best photos I have.

I was so glad to have a morning with just my little Sophia. She is so daring and brave. We explored corn mazes, picked popcorn, rode on a hay wagon, picked pumpkins, met some farm animals, and enjoyed lunch with friends. Living here on the east coast has been quite the adventure. My first year here was rather awkward and painful, but I feel like I am embracing my life in Maryland. (Finally)

I have actually caught myself thinking that living here long term might be really nice. These gorgeous fall days have me hooked. I think I may becoming a Marylander. =)

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