Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Snow and More Snow!!

The 'snowfall' of this century hit last weekend here on the Atlantic Coast, and it has really affected our community of Columbia. The Washington area was affected severely with widespread power outages. We had friends in the Bethesda that lost power for 2 days or more. One of Chris' classmates stayed with us for a few days while he waited for his internet and power to resume. We were very fortunate to have no heating or power issues, we were quitecomfortable in our little igloo. The kids, Chris and I had fun playing games, baking, and relaxing. It seemed as we were indoors for so long, that time stood still, we waited and waited for life to return to normal, and the snow to stop. The gym was closed for a few days which was a cramp in my routine, but things are slowly returning to normal a week later. Kids in the area haven't been to school in over a week, I am sure many parents are going crazy and wondering when the schools are going to get things moving and get the sidewalks shoveled and streets plowed.

President Barak Obama has dubbed this storm "Snowmaggedon" and it surely fits. This storm rivaled one named the 1922 "Knickerbocker" storm one that dumped 28 inches in 24 hours. We had 33.8 inches here in Columbia. The kids have loved the snow, they enjoyed watching it fall, they love playing in it. Ellie really enjoys her advetures, and both girls like to collect the icicles that Chris routinely knocks off the roof'. I watched in wonder as the snow kept coming, and coming and coming. Sunday morning was an impressive wake up, with snow covering everything! We patiently awaited the snow plows which finally dug out our streets. School was cancelled for Chris on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday February 8th 9th and 10th. I was grateful to finally get out of the house on Thursday, and replenish our milk, cheese and ice cream supplies! Chris is back at school and trying to catch up on lost time from classes. I am hoping there are no more major storms on the horizon. We have five feet sitting on our lawn, I think we have enough for the season!

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Amy said...

That storm is amazing. I'm glad you could be part of history. It snowed a bit here (only 6-9 inches) and the town shut down. It cracks me up!