Sunday, October 16, 2011


This year was my year to accomplish a lot of things that are on 'my list'. I know a lot of people have a list like this, and I am chipping away at my goals slowly. I am PROUD to say I am almost ready for my first half marathon in November. Yesterday I ran a 7 miler outside. I wish I had my camera for how beautiful it was outside, it was a runner's, sunny and totally autumn. I have to say, I haven't done much running outside in a while, and it totally kicked my you know what. I usually run inside on a treadmill, partly due to the fact that I usually have two kids in tow and need the childcare for my runs. I had a pretty good time overall, I was pretty darn pleased with myself, but man was I tired when I came home. Today I am not too sore, which is a relief, my quads are a bit tight, but honestly I feel fantastic.

I have some other things in the works that I am also proud of, I use proud in the most humble have to understand I feel so grateful about being able to press forward with a few things that are really important to me, with some goals that I honestly never thought I could accomplish. I am doing those things, it's a pretty amazing feeling.

Oh yeah, and can I say I feel satisfied and happy? Really. Truly happy. I have had a few breakthroughs lately and I think they are the key to unlocking some of my fears and insecurities. I have been learning a lot about myself lately, how I cope with fear, loss and rejection. I feel so blessed today. I feel so open to the future. That is an amazing feeling.

Can I say how much I love fall here? October especially. It is BEAUTIFUL out there. Get out my Maryland friends, it is truly a lovely time of year.

Two weekends ago we went to the pumpkin patch. I love this place.

Happy Fall my friends!


Corinne said...

YAY for overcoming things! That's a really big deal. And HOLY COW for being a runner, that is fantastic. I am so thrilled for you - Saturday was the PERFECT day for a good run. How gorgeous can it get??

Deb said...

what an awesome post, maggie. thanks for the picker upper! i'm so excited for your half marathon. i have a huge admiration for runners. so amazing.