Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in the groove of sorts

The baby fog is starting to lift a bit at our house. We still have rough days where I literally want to pull m hair out, but all in all, 80% of the time, we are getting sleep, feeling good, I am having a chance to clean and organize the house, play with Sophia, and even have time for myself. I am back at the gym, which is helping my sanity, as I try to lose three babies worth of weight, a large challenge, yes, but 30-40 pounds isn't completely overwhelming.

Sophia has been a great helper. When Ellie is off to school she is my little shadow, going everywhere I go, watching me nurse the baby, getting diapers, putting away toys and clothes. She has a non stop monologue going lately, all kinds of topics: rocket ships, dancing, princess stories, ideas for all kinds of things. She is trying to find her place in our family lately. Being the middle child can't be the easy place to be, with a free spirit older sister, and a very new cute baby brother in tow. Sophia is quite the blend of Chris and I, more Chris than me, much more logical, but equally inquisitive. She is sensitive and kind, but can be a bit overbearing when she feels threatened. I know she is looking forward to preschool starting soon, I am happy she will have something that is her own, that she will enjoy. Both girls are doing ballet this year, Sophia really wanted to try it, even though she is by far my gymnast and so athletic. So far both are enjoying their activities and happy little girls. Today they are dressing up in my clothes and shoes, they love to raid my closet and pull out all my heels and things.  Its fun. Girls are pretty neat.

Everyday is an adventure here that is for sure. We are looking forward to fall. Pumpkins, fall colors, sweaters and coats, crisp air, Halloween, comfort foods, a slower pace. We are slowly finding our day to day rhythm. I can't believe Chris is deep in his second year of med school. Thursday will mark the return of fall, so here is one last look at a summer memory:

         Oh what a wonderful summer we have had!

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