Thursday, September 30, 2010

Outing to the park

A couple of weeks ago Sophia and I spent a lovely day together at the park. Initially, I had planned only to run out quickly to the store, grab what I needed to, and get the baby back for his nap. We headed out and ran our errands, and the baby fell asleep in the car. Sophia was hungry, so I grabbed her a happy meal and we headed to one of my favorite parks. Sophia sat and ate, the baby slept and I enjoyed the wonderful pre fall weather. After she finished eating Sophia wanted to take a walk around Lake Elkhorn, so we walked, and walked and walked. She was curious about the different trees and shrubs we saw, and asked me to read from the different signs that explained what was growing in the park: black walnut, tulip trees, oak trees, apple trees and more. On our way back from our walk we saw a huge flock of ducks. We talked ducks and what they do, how they look and what they eat. I asked Sophia why she thought there were so many ducks on the bank of the lake, and she answered: "Maybe they are having a festival." Indeed.
After our long walk she wanted to play on the playground equipment. We spent another hour playing and swinging until the baby finally woke up. It was an unexpectedly lovely afternoon. Two hours of quiet, relaxed time to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

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