Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Night at the Ballet

Our little month of Christmas fun would not be complete without a night at the Nutcracker Ballet. I have watched the Nutcracker many times as a child growing up, and a few times as an adult, but really nothing quite compares to taking your two little girls to see it for the first time. We went with our friends Jeri, Natalia and Simone and had an amazing night! We headed out to dinner first, and we all dressed up in our Sunday best.
When we got in the car, my Sophia said 'It's a girl's night' so cute. When we got to the theater, Ellie and Natalia's teacher Miss Elaine told the girls the story of the Nutcracker which got them really excited for the ballet to begin. Once it started, all the girls were transfixed! Both my girls recognized music from the ballet, and ooed and awed over the lovely dancing. Ellie turned to me at one point and said 'mama, wouldn't it be great to be on stage?'
After the ballet Miss Elaine took us back stage to meet some of the dancers, which was the cherry on the top of our night. The dancers who danced the roles of Clara, the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Ice Queen, The Cavalier, The Nutcracker Prince as well as others each graciously met with our little girls. They each signed a copy of the Nutcracker book, a little keepsake I purchased for the girls during intermission. It was wonderful! I am so pleased we went, and so thrilled it was magical for our girls.


Mahaffey Family said...

What a fun night! I'm glad they enjoyed it!

Jeri said...

I just linked your post to my blog. I loved this night. It will definitely be filed away as one of my favorite Nutcracker experiences ever. Thanks for coming with us! <3

Corinne said...

What a LOVELY time! Seriously, your girls will remember that forever. Wonderful :)