Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow in December, Christmas is coming

Last week we had some snow, which made Ellie very happy. As soon as December was on the calendar, Ellie would ask, mama, it is December, when is it going to snow? She LOVES the snow, both the girls do. Monday after the snow fell our driveway was still covered in snow and ice, and some helpful neighbor boys were walking around shoveling people's driveways and walks, so nice! In the afternoon Sophia decided it would be fun to jump on our trampoline covered in snow, she had a blast.
We had a very fun visit from some of the girls' most favorite people in the world, their Aunt Alene and cousin Penn. Alene lives in San Diego now, her husband Grant is doing his internship and residency in orthopedic surgery there. We miss them very much, but she gets to come back for work visits occasionally. It was fantastic seeing her and Penn.
The girls also had a chance to make and decorate gingerbread houses with our wonderful neighbors Lexi and Aubrey. We are so grateful they are our friends, and have so much fun with them.
Christmas is on it's way and Chris and I are feeling 98% prepared for Santa's visit. We are looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with Andy and his family, and enjoying a 'Feastival' of yummy food. Christmas Day our plan is to have them to our house. Chris is so happy to be finished with finals, we have his lottery numbers, and hopefully we can work out a good rotation schedule for next year. It is going to be busy! What a wonderful holiday season it has been so far. We are very grateful for our friends, family and great blessings.

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