Thursday, December 30, 2010


Was wonderful! There were overwhelming stressful moments for me, trying to get everything prepared, but overall I was so pleased with our holiday season this year. Christmas Eve was spent at Chris' brother's house with his family, and we had a fantastic night. Ellie had been sick the two days prior with a horribly high fever and awful cough, but by Christmas Eve she was well enough to enjoy a few hours out of the house. Dinner was so fun, Chris' brother's family has the tradition that on Christmas Eve you get to choose anything you want to eat for dinner, each person chooses a dish, it can be anything, so as you can imagine, the menu is very eclectic. This year we had fried shrimp, marinated salmon, pigs in a blanket, 7 layer dip, garlic green beans, hot wings, chocolate caramel brownies, a yummy fruit salad with dip, fresh cut veggies and other sweets. We were STUFFED. All the cousins had a chance to perform some musical number, Sophia sang 'Jingle Bells', Ellie sang 'Said Samuel' and played a song on the piano from her piano book. Cousin Kalina sang 'Silent Night', and Kolya played 'Joy to the World' and also played a song for us on his cello. After this, my favorite part of the night, singing tons of Christmas carols and songs, which warms my heart so much. Shortly after this Ellie was exhausted, so I took her home and put her and Gradon in bed. Daddy and Sophia followed shortly.

On Christmas Day Ellie was the first to awaken about 715 am. She was so excited! We wanted to wait for Sophia to wake up, so we gave her until 8am to come tumbling out of bed. We all went downstairs to find a our stockings filled and the tree decked out in gifts. The girls got everything on their lists, and as well as a few extras, and all day and the next kept saying it was the best Christmas ever. I am glad it was so fun for them. Santa was good to all of us this year, we got a new TV, (with the help of Grandma and Grandpa), which was a fun moment. The girls got their much wanted American Girl Dolls, as well as luggage sets from their favorite princesses for our Disneyland trip next summer. I got my flip video camera I have been wanting, which was a fun surprise from Santa. My sister in law got me an amazing set of reflectors for photography, which is very exciting!
This is one of my favorite moments from the morning, Ellie and Sophia reading with Daddy one of Gradon's new books. It was so cute. Gradon loved the attention.
And of course...the damage. What a wonderful mess!
For Christmas dinner I made a traditional English dinner complete with standing rib roast and yorkshire pudding. It was yummy. I also made a traditional style New York style cheesecake...which was so good. It's been a great holiday.Chris has been home, we've been able to spend lots of time together which has been nice. He is enjoying time off before the last big push of the year. I am so grateful for our blessings. My heart is full of joy this Christmas time. I am so thankful for the gift of Jesus Christ, for his miraculous birth, a humble beginning which lead to the greatest life ever lived. What a joyful time of year, which reminds us of miracles, love, light and hope. It IS the most wonderful time of the year.

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