Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear June,
I have been waiting for you for about nine months now. There is so much happening soon, and I can't wait. We leave for CA in 3 days. We will see dear friends and family, go to the happiest place on earth, attend a U2 concert (longtime dream of mine) and enjoy the beach and grandma's house. I started packing yesterday. My kids have already packed their carry on bags. On Friday Chris took his step one boards, a pretty-big-deal-8-hour exam. We are both feeling anxious about the results and we have to wait about 3 weeks to find out. I know he did great, it's just our future coming into focus and I think that that is scary for me. Whatever happens, it is what it is, and we are on the right path. I felt that very strongly this week when I was in the temple. Now, we get to focus on much needed family time. Chris is going to finish the kids' bathroom and I am going to focus on getting my house cleaned and organized before Thursday.

Disneyland 2009

Happy Monday everyone!


Christofferson Chronicles said...

Thinking of Chris on his boards/exams. No doubt he will do fantastic! And so exciting for you all with California..Disney & U2, so jealous:-) You guys have a blast!!!

Jeri said...

I am going to miss you! Have a great trip!! You have earned every second of bliss that is coming your way.

Corinne said...

YAY and DOUBLE YAY! I'm so sorry that I got your message too late to help you with the book situation, I HOPE you found something wonderful and I hope this trip is a wonderful family time for you. Have SO much fun :)