Friday, May 27, 2011

9 months

My baby is nine months old, and again I am behind the curve posting his images. He will be 10 months on Sunday. Where does the time go? He is crawling, pulling himself up, babbling like crazy, and is just generally amazing. He has recently decided that I am his favorite parent, reaching for me and getting irritated when I leave the room. He follows me around like a little puppy, it's pretty cute. We love him to pieces. I just can't believe that soon he will be a year old, SOON he will be walking. Slow down baby...I am just not ready for you to be big just yet.


BrookieT said...

He's just so dern adorable! He has most definitely grown fast- seems like you just had him!

Jeri said...

Yummy little bug. I am so glad you do monthly you post them that way or not! You will be so glad you have them. Beautiful job!