Thursday, January 12, 2012


I feel like I need to start over. It's barely the middle of January and I feel a bit defeated. Last Sunday night I came down with the most intense and virulent stomach flu I have ever had. 

It was terrible. Chris, E and G all had a few symptoms but I for some reason it hit me the hardest. We thought Sophia would not come down with it, but sure enough she did, yesterday, almost as bad as I had it. We are taking it slow today.

Tuesday night something really sad and hurtful happened to me. It has taken me almost two days to get over it, and I am still not OVER it but I am better. I keep trying to believe inside my head that whoever it was that did this thing to me may be a good person- but mostly I am just angry.

I honestly feel like I have been blind sided. Is this the tone for my new year? I hope not. I have more plans for this year including another race in 10 weeks. I haven't been able to train consistently this month. That freaks me out. My body is not going to like running 5 miles this Saturday. I just have to do the best I can with what I've got, right? Move ahead? Move forward. I feel like catching a plane and flying somewhere beautiful and warm. Like this place:

             *Capri, Italy with Chris, June 2009. If you ever get the chance to go to Italy, or to Capri, you need to go. It will change your life*

I have to say that my friends have been amazingly supportive while this has been going on. They have been calling and checking in, they have dropped off juice, gatorade, crackers, chocolate and even flowers.I know that I am very blessed to have such wonderful friends. I know I will get through this rough patch. I just can't take another illness.

I did realize last night that this past winter/sickness/craziness I haven't been taking enough photos and videos of the kids especially Gradon. Here is G being his cute self. He is such a funny boy. We love him.


G said...

Here's to a new New Year for you. I am sure things will start looking brighter for you! Sure of it!!!

Mahaffey Family said...

It's got to get better from here, right? Keep your chin up, you can do it! :)

Jeri said...

I'm sorry for the rough start. But hey- you've started and you can still make this year a great one. We have lots of Fun things in our future!