Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello Snow

We finally got some snow late Friday night. The girls woke up and immediately put on their gear and headed outside. I had to beg them for this picture, they were too busy throwing snowballs, sledding down our neighbor's hill and enjoying the winter outside.

Gradon loved it too. Really. He did not want to come inside. He was fascinated by the cold white ground. He did not like it when his mittens fell off! He wandered all over the yard pointing and talking and giggling. It was great.

I do like winter. I like it for the snow days and pretty moments like this. I think my body and mind need the change of seasons, it helps me to really appreciate spring. I like the change of landscape. I love how the kids crave the snow and the magic of discovering a snowfall the night before. Once March rolls around I am ready for blossoms, bulbs and breezes. But, I'll take a few snow days until then. 

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