Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today has been one of 'those' days. Days when I STRUGGLE and FAIL with my patience. Its actually been one of those WEEKS when nothing seems to go right and everything is wrong, kids just don't seem to want to listen, be obedient, follow istructions or generally go with the flow. I was so looking forward to having some down time today, I just NEEDED it, needed a break today to somehow disconnect a little...but that didn't happen. Everytime I went to sit down for a minute one of the girls would get into something or throw a fit, or fight or break something. I think my FAVORITE moment of the day (heavy sarcasm here) was when I went to go make some lunch for myself I sent the girls out back with bubbles. Somehow Sophia found the carton of salt and proceeded to empty the salt into the brand new bubble bottles. Ridiculous. I know. You are all laughing at me, but its just stuff like that I don't understand! WHY?? Why why why why. Huge messes. Beads all over the floor, broken toys, tantrums at my friends house when it was time to leave....and the list goes on. Finally I decided we needed to make something together so I could keep my eyes on both of them at once. SO, we made donuts. The girls love working in the kitchen, so this was a good diversion. The donuts were a yummy antpasti to my simple dinner tonight, the idea of cooking flew out the window around noon. They are now happily in the bath and I am ready to go to bed, weary of this day.

They don't look like much, but they were yummy.

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