Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cherry Blossoms in DC

Took a whirlwind trip into DC today to see the Cherry Blossoms in all their glory. It was a beautiful spring day, perfect weather. People were out in droves, everywhere enjoying the day. We didn't have a lot of time today to leisurely stroll up and down the mall, but we had a good two hours to enjoy ourselves. DC is really a place that deserves DAYS to fully experience it and appreciate it, so we are doing it in little chunks with the time that we have. Luckily we have at least 3 more years here, so we should be able to make it down again soon.

We went down with our friends the Madsens, took the Metro (which the kids really loved) and braved the crowds. We ate our picnic lunch on the mall which was enjoyable. We hiked up to the Lincoln Memorial but didn't have the time to hike all the stairs to see the 16th President's impressive statue. We did take some fun pictures in the trees and all in all we are looking forward to our next trip into the city. The girls did really well, were nicely behaved and obedient as we navigated the many people, and were careful on the Metro. I am grateful (again) that we live in such an amazing area with so much to offer our kids. Like Italy, we have culture and history at our feet and I hope to make the most of it by showing the girls our American Heritage, one adventure at a time.

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