Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Several of my blogging buddies are doing a month of thankful posts, writing a post a day of what they are thankful for. I think this is a fabulous idea. I am a bit behind the curve, not writing everyday with a post, but I am going to attempt to write at least a few times a week with my thoughts on gratitude and thankfulness. For example; it is amazing how some days you will be racing around and then all of a sudden something hits you with force, and makes you stop and think about your situation. That happened to me Sunday. Typically, I am a busy mom of three little kids, juggling to stay on top of my home, worrying about my hubby and how hard he works, my calling at church, my hobbies and goals, and my other job, teaching music at home. Sunday my life ground to a halt as I found myself completely run over by sickness. During my down time I have been reflective and pensive. I have seen the laundry pile up, the toys scattered around my bed and watched as my loving husband dealt with the children and day to day tasks. I have been overwhelmed by the love of friends who have called and connected with me and offered their help. I realized today more than ever what really matters, not laundry or a perfectly clean house or even my routine, what matters most are my relationships with the people in my life, especially the ones I love the most: my husband, children, good friends. I need to slow down more often and really enjoy my kids and family. I need to savor the good moments more and laugh and hug and play with my kids and spend real quality time with my hubby, instead of worrying about what I am not accomplishing in a day. Today I am grateful for perspective, for without it, life would not be as rich.


Mahaffey Family said...

GREAT post! Something we all need to do more often. Isn't it great how we learn and gain new insights through all of life's experiences-even strep throat! I'm hoping I can take the lesson learned from you, and NOT have the step throat to go with it! :)
Hope your doing better! :)

Maggie said...

My experience would not have been the same without good friends like you, thanks for helping me when I needed it most.