Monday, November 8, 2010


I woke at 3 am with my throat on fire. ugh. I stumbled to the bathroom searching for my first of what would be many doses of motrin over the last 24 hours. It took the motrin about an hour to kick in and I could finally fall back asleep. Later Sunday morning woke up around 7 am feeling beaten and sore. Took my temp, only 100. Throat still on fire, decided church was not happening. Made some calls and emails, took another dose of motrin hugged the girls as they headed out the door with daddy to church. I fell into my bed for a fitful three hour nap while the baby slept. By three o'clock my body was shaking and burning up. Swallowing has been almost impossible and very painful. By 7 o'clock that night the fever was 102 even with the 800 mg of motrin was giving myself every 6 hours. Got a blessing from Chris and my brother in law tried to sleep. It was not a good night, but at least my mind was at peace and I knew that Heavenly Father had his eye on me. By this morning I awoke to no fever, but my throat was worse. If that is possible. Chris told me he would stay home from school. Thank goodness he could stay today, I don't know what I would have done. Called the doctor, got in immediately. Doctor took a look at me and my symptoms and called it Strep right away. Sent my throat culture off to the lab and also drew a blood sample to test for mono, haven't had that in 15 years, but symptoms are similar. I have not felt this horrible in years. I am completely overwhelmed and scared that I am going to give this horrible sickness to my baby and my girls. Still trying to nurse, but seems that every ounce of fluid going into my body is NOT going to make breast milk. Hoping this horrible experience doesn't ruin my ability to feed my baby. My poor girls. They just want to sit with me and read me books and draw me pictures. I am glad Ellie is at school today. I am hoping tomorrow I can eat something and swallow without it feeling like there are glass shards in my throat. 


Heidi said...

Oh gosh, Maggie! I hope you feel better soon and that it's NOT mono.

Maggie said...

Thanks Heidi. Me too. =)

Jeri said...

Darn! That is horrible. I have been there before. Swallowing is such torture! Feel better soon.