Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's Veteran's Day today. I am thankful for all the many men and women who have committed their lives to the service of this country. I am thankful that my husband is one of these great service members. I have watched my husband go off to war, I have waited 10 months while he was far far away ensuring freedom. I have prayed for him, worried about him, hoped he would come home safely. During his time as a fighter pilot, we were always blessed with safety and a homecoming.

Today I read an article online of an amputee who lost his leg in Iraq in 2003. Today he is back in theater, deployed, serving still with an artificial leg. Amazing. Today I am thankful for men like Major David Rozelle who don't give up even when faced with the greatest obstacles, who endure the greatest pains and sacrifice. These heros believe there is a greater work to be done, a cause to fight for, a country to keep safe. Today I am thankful for those that persevere even when the cause is unpopular, the fight has been long, and the road ahead seems dark.

*This photo is an AP photo, taken by Maya Alleruzzo.

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Zach said...

Thanks Chris! We thought about you and prayed for you a lot when you were deployed.