Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

We had an incredible snow storm Wednesday night. I think we had about 7 inches! When I got up Thursday at 6am, it looked like our whole neighborhood was under a thick blanket of snow, I love how the snow reflects the light, so even at night, you can see things you wouldn't without all that lovely snow. School was cancelled, but Chris had to dig himself out and head to school. The girls and I slept in and then we made these:
Rainbow pancakes. I got the idea from here:The Idea Room. Mine didn't turn out quite as colorful, but the kids had a blast mixing the colors, and they ate a huge stack which was quite fun. I think I will use my wilton dyes next time to achieve better colors. We topped them with syrup and cream and they were a very fun colorful breakfast treat on this cold morning.
The kids have been outside almost all day. They came in for a lunch break and some rest and now they are back outside sledding and having fun. We are getting so used to having late days and no school, I wonder what is going to happen when the snow clears up and I have to get Ellie on the bus by 7:38 again...until then we will just enjoy our snowcation!

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Mahaffey Family said...

Yay for snow days!!! I love the rainbow pancake idea! I too am dreading getting back to the 'normal' schedule-this has been a fun week!