Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last night we had a little snow sprinkling followed by quite a bit of freezing rain. The result? No school today for my kindergartner and another day added to our long weekend. The snowy winter weather has me captivated. I love to wake up to an interesting new world, a whole new way to see a tree or a view you take for granted every day. Growing up in CA, I have spent little time in the snow and ice. I lived in Provo Utah for a few years while attending school at BYU, but I think the winter there is much more grey and oppressive...maybe I just didn't appreciate it the way I should have. Today the kids and I bundled up and we ventured out to discover a yard covered in a glaze of ice, slowly dripping and melting away; plants and objects frozen in time. My kids enjoyed pretending they were 'skating' on the ice. I took a lot of photos. We have enjoyed being cuddled up today. We'll see how long my restless spirit enjoys this hibernation.

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Jeri said...

Amazing! I am jealous that I missed the ice storm...well almost! =) The first and the last are my favorites, they are just perfect!