Friday, February 4, 2011

I love February

I love this month! I think I always have. It's right off the heels of the new year, amidst the gray winter haze, awakened by us romantics and creative types who need a little sweetness and joy amid the dreary winter. The girls and I have been making valentine cards, treats and crafts everyday this week. Ellie comes home from school and the first thing she says is 'Mama, I want to make some more Valentines.' We have gone through A LOT of glitter glue and paper recently. It's been good for me. There have been some unexpected hard things to handle this week, and the blows have been softened by crafty time and sweet moments together. It's been great to have fun one on one time with each of my kids. It's amazing the things you get to talk about when it's just you and one of them.

Another thing that makes me so happy and cheers me up anytime I do it is taking photos. I took these yesterday:

I love those two...they make my heart sing.


Jeri said...

Divine! I love the light and little miss Sophie's cute hair!

Kellie said...

Crafting as therapy-Love it. I hope the rest of your month is as cheerful and romantic as this post!