Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Day at the Aquarium

Last week I went with Ellie on her fieldtrip to the National Aquarium. Now, as a family we have been to the aquarium several times, we have a membership there and really love it. However, this time was really different. I reported to Ellie's school with our lunches in hand and signed the various paperwork making sure I was a good chaperone for the 4 little ones I would be in charge of for the day. We waited anxiously for the bus to arrived 30 minutes late. We travelled to the aquarium on the school bus and Ellie and I watched through the window as we drove into Baltimore. We talked about the different things we saw outside and for me it was nice as a passenger to enjoy the view. At 10am we arrived and ate our lunches on the bus, I know funny, lunch at 10am? These kids have a different schedule than most.

Headed into the aquarium around 1030 and headed for the stingrays. After this we went to see one of my favorite parts of the aquarium, the jellyfish. We stopped along the way to visit the dolphin tank. I love this photo, the kids were so excited to see the dolphins.

After this we headed to the discovery play area for a few minutes to wait for the dolphin show.

The dolphin show did not disapoint, the kids loved it. We then headed to the Amazon rainforest exhibit and the Tropical rainforest exhibit upstairs. Our last stop was observing the many different water habitats that are found in the oceans. My favorite is the tropical fish. So colorful and pretty.

I loved spending the day with my little Ellie. We had a great day together.


Christofferson Chronicles said...

Great pictures! What a fun day. I grew up doing to that Aquarium, too many times to count & I loved it every time! The dolphin show is the best:-) The girls sure are getting big.

Corinne said...

That picture of you and Ellie at the end is SO STINKING CUTE