Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love Love Day

Oh my goodness yesterday was fun. The morning started out in a crazy blur: gym for me, soccer for Sophia, then Chris whisked me off to an amazing lunch at one of our very favorite restaurants, The Stanford Grill.

Dessert: Chocolate Brownie Uprising *YUM*

After this we picked up Sophia and Gradon from our dear friend's house where they were being watched, I picked up Ellie from the bus, and the girls and I headed to the libary for some library time. We then headed to the grocery store where we bought food for our Valentine's Dinner feast: Seared ahi tuna with sesame seeds, asparagus with parmesan cheese, creamy risotto, and for dessert, red velvet cake. The girls loved the tuna, I was so glad! I am really pleased at how much they love to try new foods.

We had a nice FHE followed with our card, sweets and gift exchanges. Hubby got me a photography bag, and the girls got new fuzzy bathrobes. Chris' gift is still in transit, but I think he is really going to love it! (The girls and I worked on a surprise for Daddy).

All in all an A+ Valentine's Day. How was yours?

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Cari said...

We haven't been to Stanford forever. Let's go!