Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I love photography

When Chris and I were first married, he bought me my first real camera. I think it might have even been a Valentine's gift. It was a Canon Rebel 2000 slr. I was so afraid of that camera.

Shortly after he gave me the camera, I put it back in the box it came in and I hid it in my dresser. It stayed there for a long time.
Then one day Chris asked me, "Maggie, why aren't you using your camera I gave you?

So one day, when I was alone, I took it out of the box and started taking photos, on the auto setting of course, and I developed the film. I was hooked. After the camera came lenses, a bag, tripod, a monopod and various other fun things for my camera; all gifts from my loving hubby.

Then, four years ago my hubby bought me my current Canon DSLR for Christmas, and totally knocked my socks off. Taking photos has never been the same since. I must say I do miss my film camera sometimes. I have taken some of the most beautiful photos with that little camera, and there is something enticing about having to wait for the film to be ready. Also, you shoot with so much more restraint with film, you have to, with so few images per roll.

Photography is now an obession of mine. I love taking photographs. I love capturing special moments, true moments that really speak and express something beautiful. 

What I love about photography is that it is so unique to each person, how we see the world, how we want others to see us.  I spend a lot of time dreaming up photo shoots and hoping for beautiful light. It has truly been a wonderful adventure learning about how to take photos, how to use a camera, how to see creatively. I am so glad my hubby bought me that camera, and I am so glad I finally took it out of that silly box.

Ellie, age 18 months taken with my first slr.


Jeri said...

I love that picture!!! What a wonderful post. I loved every word. :)

Mahaffey Family said...

Great photo! One day, when I grow up-I want to be good at photography too! Great post!