Sunday, March 20, 2011

An attempt...

at a blog entry. I just haven't felt all that 'bloggy' lately...and it's not that we haven't been busy with fun things to share with our friends and family, in fact life has been super crazy as of late...I guess I am just missing the inspiration for a fun/creative/interesting post. Here is a snippet of what we have been doing the past couple of weeks...

Tearing out the upstairs bathroom and doing a remodel:

Sophia's Birthday Party/Celebration which deserves it's own post, but here is her cake I made for her the Sunday following her birthday:

Earning Gold Coins from Leprechauns:

Discovering Spring:

Also, in case you were wondering about this little guy:

He is amazing.

So that is a taste of what has been going on with us. As for me, I am so happy spring is here, officially today. I have many plans for the spring. I am excited that I have two photo shoots in the works, one for next week for a sweet baby girl, and another one for a family portrait. The girls and I have been on the hunt for flowers and signs of spring. Ellie is very anxious for flowers, saying that now that it is spring there should be flowers everywhere! I agree. I am looking forward to this can't wait to go back this year and take a bunch of photos with the kids. Last year I didn't get to take very many.

The days are longer and the weather better. Happy Spring Everyone!


Jeri said...

What a busy week! I love your crocus pictures! SO DREAMY!

Corinne said...

If only the spring weather would COME BACK!!! Really. I am ready for it too! I was going to do the Cherry Blossoms with my mom this Thursday but the weather does NOT look promising :( Glad you're finding things to keep you busy, though!