Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Has anyone ever come up to you and said something that was not provoked or expected and that statement then affects your attitude and view of yourself? yesterday that happened to me. and while I am sure this woman was either trying to help me, or just offering an opinion out of concern, it stung and hurt and has bothered me ever since. I think each of us who are mothers try to do our best. at least in our minds we think we are doing all we can to be good parents. I know I am not perfect and have things that I could improve, but the next time you think you want to share your opinion with someone about how their child is being raised...don't. it will just make the mother of that child very very crazy for the next week or so.

SO. moving beyond that for now, I am making a list of things I want to do in the month of April.
I want to make some of these cute cake pops from the idea roomBakerella made these adorable egg and easter bunny ones... Aren't they so cute?

I also want to plan a fun easter egg hunt with friends. We had so much fun last year I want to do it again.

I want to go outside and shoot for fun and learn how to shoot a really good sun flare.
I want to get my mileage up so I can finally register for a race this fall, I have been totally dragging my feet about this, but I need to do it. I also want to see a few more pounds drop of the scale, I am sick of looking at the number that I have been seeing every morning.

I want to see my beautiful upstairs bathroom completo- that is Italian for finished. I have finally picked out paint, after 7 different paint samples and one gallon of  rejected paint. Chris has really done an amazing job, but now the focus is studying for finals and the big STEP 1 exam. *shudder* I am not going to hassle him about the bathroom because of this, I will just have to wait...but I know it's going to be fabulous when it's all done.

I want to head to Brookside gardens and have a picnic with my kids...and take some photos too. Last year was great, and I want more!

I have three photo shoots booked for April. This is making me happy...and nervous. I think mostly happy. =)


Cari said...

I'm telling you--those cake pops are harder than they look! My chicks didn't exactly look like the ones on the site--but they tasted good. I still have most of the supplies from last year if you want to use them--all the jimmies and sprinkles and markers etc they tell you to use. Good luck! I want pictures.

Jeri said...

I want to remind you that I complemented you on the exact opposite thing before I knew what she said. (One really positive comment from someone that knows you and loves you.) It is so hard to get a negative comment out of our heads, but try. She's insane. =)

PS. Sunflare is my favorite thing. I'll be watching for the sun so we can go shoot.