Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tiny Dancer

I have entered a new chapter in my life, one of the dance team mother. Saturday Ellie competed in her first dance team competition. Friday night we travelled down to Woodbridge, VA for the Headliners Competition. We drove down with our good friends Jeri and Natalia, excited for the big day to come. Both girls were really excited about their opportunity to share their dance, but Ellie was a little nervous. I continually assured her that the most important thing about dancing was to have fun and enjoy performing. She was very worried about forgetting the steps.

We enjoyed a quick swim in the hotel pool, and then off to bed with the girls. Once they were asleep, Jeri and I spent a couple of hours putting teeny tiny rhinestone jewels on our girls' costumes...by hand: with glue and tweezers. I must be a stage mom! =)

 The next morning was crazy, I did not sleep much the night before, I have discovered that sleeping with Ellie is like sleeping with a tornado: she is all over the place and loves to kick! We packed up our bags and grabbed a quick breakfast at the front of the hotel. Into the car, we drove only a few minutes to the high school where the girls would be competing.

Once we arrived we immediately got the girls ready in their costumes and makeup. Ms. Elaine took them for a quick warm up and run through of the dance. She also took them onstage early before the competition started so that the girls would feel more comfortable onstage.

The moment arrived when the girls would perform, and Jeri and I sat proudly in the audience. We were both so proud of our girls. Ellie did not forget any steps, and in fact pointed to her fellow dancers a couple of times when it was their turn-something Ellie will have to stop doing. The girls placed 1st overall in their division, and received a 'high silver' rating, not a bad place to start for their first real competition.

I am very proud of Ellie, she danced very well and had a great experience. She loved watching the big girls dance, and is looking forward to her next competition.


Heidi said...

So cute! I'm glad she did well. :) I've done the tweezers-glue-and-beads thing myself and the hand-cramps are almost always worth it!

Mahaffey Family said...

CUTE! I'm so glad they did well. What a fun time!

Rileigh said...

So proud of Ellie and Talia! So so wonderful. Good job girls! And they look so beautiful in their costumes. What a wonderful adventure together!

Kellie said...

Very fun! I hope you will have lots of good memories from participating in this!

Deb said...

how exciting for them -- and you! although competing is probably more fun than gluing on rhinestones. but that's just a guess! :)