Saturday, April 23, 2011

8 months

Before my baby turns 9 months old in a week I should share the pictures I took of him when he turned 8 months. This baby is a dream. He sleeps so well, he loves to eat, he is content, loves to play, he smiles and laughs at his sisters. He loves music, loves to sing along and make lots of noise. He loves books. He is content and sweet. He is so much fun. We love him to pieces. When I hold him I can feel that we have known each other a long time. Do you ever feel that way with your children? Like you knew them before this life?

I love this little baby.

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Deb said...

ok, he's adorable. and yes, sometimes you look into their eyes and you just know each other. even as babies. isn't that amazing!? so glad you're enjoying him!