Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Walk

The weather here has been tricky the past few days, the forcast has been rainy, with some showers, sunny, then get the idea, totally random and crazy. Of course it's spring break when I want to be OUT and doing things. I haven't been able to depend on the weather, but that hasn't spoiled my mood much. Today was brilliant. I wanted to take the kids to Brookside Gardens, but they were having so much fun playing outside I didn't want to interrupt. Ellie and Sophia were running through falling blossoms off our neighbor's tree. I didn't even try and take any photos, I just let them play and enjoy not having me in their way. We had some lemonade and just enjoyed the sun.

Yesterday it rained off and on, and there were lovely moments of sun. Sophia and I took little walk once Dad got home, near dusk. I walked out the door with my camera and Sophia had her camera with her, too. (Good girl!)We walked around our circle and then down the path to the little park near our house. It was so nice. She held my hand and we talked about all kinds of things that four year olds think is was neat. Soon Sophia grew hungry for a snack so we wandered back home. It was 30 minutes of bliss for me. Time with my little girl and sharing something I love to do, photography! Spring, you are here and I am grateful.

 yes...more sun flare...I like this one

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Corinne said...

Girl, do you know how great you are? I miss you :) Your pictures are lovely, I'm so proud that you're wearing your cute jeans again and I love that you are getting into your photography more. Life seems full and good :)