Saturday, April 2, 2011

A day at the ballet

Last Saturday my dear friend Jeri and I took our little ballerinas to the Kennedy Center in DC for a ballet concert. I have always wanted to go to the Kennedy Center, as a young girl I remember watching performances on TV that were broadcast from this incredible venue. When I walked into the building I felt a tremendous thrill, I was going to the ballet with my little girl, at the Kennedy Center! The performance, entitled Proteges III, showcased ballet companies from all over the world, Holland, Japan, Argentina and Russia. The performance seemed to go by so quickly, it was magical. I wanted another hour of dancing! It was interesting to me how diverse each dance company was -unique and beautiful.

During intermission our little girls enjoyed exploring the building a little bit. It's funny as a parent how you see your kids, my experience in this historic theater was much different from Ellie's. I was living a dream of mine, and she was having an afternoon with mama and her friend at the ballet. I hope she will remember these moments. I loved it. It was a good day.

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Jeri said...

One of my favorite days. =)