Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Advice

Lately I am trying to find balance...*I know* again. I have so many thoughts and ideas and plans and along with all of that comes the DAILY routine which I do enjoy but honestly I quite often feel *whew* or frustrated or just simply frazzled. I am trying to keep up with three kids and my house and my busy husband, and wrapped up in that is the need I feel to find my own way and not lose myself...reading this is a blessing for me today. Enjoy this article from The Idea Room, a blog that I frequently read. I think as mothers it is something we all can relate to, and can take to heart. Happy Thursday!

BTW, countdown to D-Land/CA trip....15 days!!!

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Kellie said...

This IS good advice. I know those days when the overwhelm factor seems to be very large. Thanks for sharing the reminder to look at the bigger picture.