Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Senior Session...in the rain

Yes, in the rain. This cute girl and I had our original session scheduled for Friday, when the LIGHT was perfect, but she had to postpone. We decided to do it Sunday after church. It has been overcast for a few days now, and that means good light, however I wasn't planning on getting rained on. As I was driving over to her house to pick her up Sunday it started. At first I thought, oh great, we will have to reschedule. But I didn't pick up the phone to call her, decided to see if we could shoot at her house or if she just wanted to go for it, and take a chance that the sprinkle would stop. Well she wanted to hit the park I chose, and wasn't worried about the rain. She carried a cute umbrella with her and I would set up the shots and then she put it down. There were a bunch of scenarios I wanted to try but couldn't...on the ground, or on this cute bench we found, swings, etc. But I am happy with the images we got and honestly I learned a lot!! She was perfect. I came home SOAKING wet. Literally, my jeans were soaked and my shoes are still wet from me tromping all over the park. It was a great hour of photography for me.


Sarah said...

The shots look great!

Jeri said...

Cute girl, great images! I love the one in the tree! Great work Maggie!

Christofferson Chronicles said...

Wow Maggie!! These are fantastic shots, great work:-)