Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When things go right

It's a pretty wonderful feeling. A couple of months ago I took some photos for a friend and her family. The session was amazing, so much fun, there were so many wonderful images, I was so proud!  I thought the photographs were lovely, but you never really know how someone is going to react to your work. I hoped they would be pleased and excited about the photographs.

As soon as I was done processing their images I gave my friend a disk. That night my friend called to tell me how much she loved the images. Her husband went out of his way to tell me how much he loved them as well. He is a rather quiet man, so his compliment meant a lot to me. Today she came by to my house, with every photo printed and wanted to show me. =) She has framed a bunch and wants me to come to her house to see her new art. I loved seeing them printed, it was an amazing feeling!

So, tonight I feel so happy, so satisfied, so empowered by the feeling that I did something good, that my work was valued, and that I may have something to offer people. It's amazing how much I learn every time I do a session for someone. I know I still have a long way to go. I know I am still learning, but tonight, my friend and her family love my work, and tonight I feel like a photographer.

Here are a few images from the session:


Corinne said...

Hey, I know her! SUPER FUN and good for you, my dear. That's such a great feeling, when you feel like someone truly appreciates the efforts you've made :)

Madsen Fam said...

You do take such wonderful pictures. I always love to look at your pictures. Keep it up!

Kellie said...

gorgeous! I am happy you had this moment of satisfaction. It was so lovely to see you today!