Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disney Continued...

Alright, I am getting caught up. I think I will have just one more post after this to wrap up our California dream trip.

Wednesday was our 'Spirit Wear' day when we wore our reunion t shirts around Disneyland. We got a lot of attention, and people would comment to us that they had seen our shirts around the park. This was fun to hear since as a group, a family reunion, we had small numbers.

Wednesday was a crazy busy day. We met Jasmine and Aladdin.

We took a cruise on the Columbia.

Got to meet this famous mouse.

One of his famous friends...

Rode The Little Mermaid Ride (again) and the Ferris Wheel.

Rode the 'Wildest Ride in the Wilderness'.

And watched a magical parade.

Oh, and my girls made wishes in the princess wishing well.

We also rode Indiana Jones, Ellie climbed Tarzan's Treehouse, we took another ride on the carousel in Fantasy Land, and rode Snow White and Peter Pan. I love Peter Pan, it's one of my favorites. We braved Dumbo and the Jungle Cruise. We also watched the Wonderful World of Color at dusk. That show is amazing! Add in a healthy dose of ice cream and cotton candy, and this day was done.  Perfectly.

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