Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 years

today. I have been married 10 years today to the most wonderful man. I remember my wedding day so clearly, it was a dream come true.

Chris and myself, Fresno California LDS temple, August 4, 2001

Today I feel the same way. I am a lucky girl. Chris you are still my sweetheart.

We celebrated our anniversary early this year. We went to Wicked at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., back in June. It was fantastic! The story was so compelling, and the music completely took my breath away.

Chris got home today (hurrah!) from his first rotation in family practice. It was a great experience. We are very much looking forward to the rest of the year and figuring out what he ultimately will choose for a specialty.

Talking tonight together we both agree that ten years seems like a long time, but really it's gone by so quickly. It's been such an amazing journey from where we started to where we are today. I find myself humbled by how much I have learned over these years. Life is good, our life is so sweet. I so love my family. I am grateful for our life together.

Savor every minute. I wonder what the next ten years will bring? =)

Chris and I, Kennedy Center, Washington D.C June 2011


Mahaffey Family said...

Yay! Happy 10 years! I love your wedding photo, so pretty! Glad you have your hubby home now.

Deb said...

congratulations! we have the same anniversary - only ours was 2000! it's a great date to be married. :)

Corinne said...

YAY! Happy anniversary!!! Love the pic at the Kennedy Center :)