Saturday, August 27, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

It has been a very exciting week here on the East Coast. We had an impressive earthquake on the 23rd that cracked the Washington monument in DC. That is very sad to me.
The day that the earthquake hit I was standing in our bedroom folding piles of laundry. The neighbor boy across the street was mowing the lawn. It was strange at first, I thought the shaking was from the sound of the mower, but the quake got bigger and it rolled through my room bringing pictures off the dresser and gave me a really good shake. It woke my baby from his nap. My neighbors came pouring out of the houses like ants. We talked about it and I told them it felt close to a 6.0. One of my neighbors went in to check the news and told us it was located in Virginia, and it was 5.8.

It reminded me of growing up in California and the earthquakes we had there. It mostly reminded me of the San Francisco Earthquake that we felt in 1989. I remember exactly where I was when we felt that one. It was very sureal.

And now we are waiting for what Hurricane Irene is going to bring. I have been watching the weather channel and checking online the status for three days. One of the most frustrating things about all of this is that things keep changing. At first the predictions really frightened me, and now things look a bit more manageable. I am a little embarrassed to say that we aren't as prepared as we could be, but I think we will be fine for a couple of days. I just hope we don't lose power for a long period of time. Ellie is supposed to go back to school this Monday, she is so excited. We had  agreat time at her open house yesterday. She is really ready to go back to school. I really hope  that on Monday we are in good enough shape to proceed with life as normal. Yesterday was a beautiful day here, and now, this morning the rain has started a little. I am hoping we are safe and sound by tomorrow night. We shall see.

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