Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Wrap Up

Irene has come and gone, and gratefully we did not lose power or suffer any damages to our home. We feel very blessed. I know several families in our area to lose power for many hours and have some damage to their yards and homes. Today 27 schools are out of power in our county, so Ellie is home today. She is very disapointed to miss school, but I assure her she will be back either tomorrow or Wednesday. The weather this past week was really weird, so we really didn't get a great 'last week of summer', but today we have plans to head out and enjoy the post hurricane sunshine.

Here is one of our last summer outings, tomato picking and canning. There are many local farms here in Maryland, something that I adore about living here. I wanted to pick tomatoes and can last summer but having a baby put a damper on that plan. =) This year we picked 20 pounds of tomatoes which made 6 quarts of lovely red soup and sauce ready gems.

Ellie had her open house for 1st grade last week. She is so excited becuase she has the same teacher from last year! Her much adored teacher has recently gotten married and has moved up to first grade and we lucked out to have her for another year. She knows several of the children in her class and is looking forward to making new friends. It is going to be another great year. We are also excited that the middle school has officially split from cradlerock elementary and has it's own name and administration, great things for both schools.

We have some fun plans for fall. We are hoping to head to Seattle for Chris' brother's wedding in November. The last Cochran brother is tying the knot and we are looking forward to celebrating with him and the family.We are also looking forward to seeing my parents soon, we think they are coming to visit in November. All in all a great summer, and more good things to come!

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