Sunday, March 14, 2010


My little Sophia is 3! I can't believe it. Back when we were deciding about when to have our next baby, I really wanted to have one in the spring. So we planned for March, and while she wasn't 'technically' born in the Spring, she was born one week before spring starts. For me she is the return of spring, full of life, zest and sass. She is funny, SO SMART and sweet. Loves to cuddle, SING, play with play doh, 'read' books, play make believe and accompany her sister in ANY adventure. She is fiercely independent and loves to accomplish tasks by herself. She is confident and outgoing, a gregarious smiley child. Before she was born I didn't realize just how much fun it would be to have two girls next to each other, I am so glad, my girls are the best of friends. This weekend we are celebrating our Sophia. I am so grateful and thrilled she is my little girl.

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