Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is coming! And wardrobe issues...

So, I am 19 weeks pregnant. If anyone who is reading this has ever been pregnant, they can understand that this mid point is one of the most frustrating of the 40 weeks. Why? Because you don't look pregnant, you look chubby. Nothing really fits, but you are too small still for pregnancy clothes. I tear through my closet daily trying to find something to wear that doesn't make me look a) frumpy b) chubby. I usually fail. In fact right now I hate everything in my closet. It doesn't help that we are on a shoe string budget right now and I can't really go out and buy some transitional clothes, I just have to be content with my normal pajamas and sweats and wait until spring hits. In the mean time, I love shoes. Shoes always fit, no matter how fat or chubby I get, I can always put on a cute pair of shoes and feel good. That being said I decided I want these:

Cute, huh? And oh yes, I do want them in gold. They will look cute with lots of things (including the blah black dress and pregnancy skirt I will be wearing to church for the next infinity). But they will have to wait. In the mean time I am so enjoying the sun that is coming out more, and the fact that the snow is slowly melting makes me believe that I will survive this lonely winter.

So while I wait for Spring, and my baby bulge to become a bump, I am loving watching my 5 year old play make believe and snuggling with my almost three year old before her nap time. I am enjoying preschool and tea parties. I am trying to soak up the sweet moments with these girls as much as I can. I know that soon my time will be divided even more with a new baby, and I want to remember how much fun it is to just have my girls. Ellie is reading so well right now. She read her ENTIRE talk by herself at church this week. Talk about a proud mama. I am ready to go to the local nursery and plant some spring plants. Spring is coming, spring is coming it's right around the corner.

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