Thursday, March 25, 2010

Science Center in Baltimore

Spring break has been great! With Chris home we really have taken advantage of the chance to go out and DO something as a family. Monday we were in DC for the fantastic Terra Cotta Warriors, and Wednesday was our day in Baltimore. We hit the Science Center in the afternoon with two other med school friends of Chris'. The Center was fantastic. We opted to buy the year membership and come back again. The Newton's Alley was fun, with all kinds of hands on things for the kids to do. There was also a wonderful kids room (ages 3-8) that had a fabulous water table and other great things. The dinosaur exhibit was neat, and the kids enjoyed 'digging for bones'. It was two hours of great fun. We followed up our trip to Baltimore with dinner at Medieval Times. We had never been before and it was an experience. (Pretty pricey) but a pretty good show and the kids loved the costumes and the horses. It's not something I need to do again, but it was a lot of fun. When we got home we were all exhausted! Totally fun day, and we hope to head back to Baltimore soon.

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Rileigh said...

I am so glad you went! We should go together, maybe this week! I can show you my new favorite cupcake place around the corner