Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring at our house...

Involves baking! Growing up my mom did a lot of baking with us kids, and I enjoy doing the same with my girls. They both love to be in the kitchen, mixing, measuring and sampling. When we make pies and cookies I try and give them dough to play with to make their own creations. This afternoon we made spring sugar cookies, complete with sprinkles. Ellie wanted pink frosting, and of course Sophia wanted blue, I wanted yellow, so we had quite the variety of designs. I tried a new recipe today for the cookies, and they are really GOOD! The dough has been chilling in the fridge for two days, so the consistancy was perfect.

We had a great time today. We are all feeling so good now that the warmer weather is here, (me in particular) I am so glad that spring arrives tomorrow. The girls are enjoying playing outside now everyday, and we are taking trips to the park and getting the bikes ready to be ridden. The days are longer and the sun is kind. Spring, such a welcome guest after our long winter visitor.

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