Friday, August 13, 2010

2 weeks

Soooo. The past two weeks have gone as expected for a newborn. At the beginning, he slept like a dream, I had to wake him up to feed him, so that my milk would come in. At first I was worried that he wasn't going to be interested in breast feeding, he seemed so un interested! Then he 'woke up' and has been eating like a champ. Around 1 1/2 weeks old he decided that he didn't want to nap during the day. Poor Chris and I have tried everything; swaddling, rocking, holding, giving him a pacifier. Nothing was working. Sometimes Chris would hold him for 2 hours at a time, day or night with the hospital pacifier in his mouth, just hoping he would go to sleep. Little boy was up sometimes for 5 hours at a time without sleeping, and that made him so cranky, and us super frustrated and tired. I was constantly nursing him, every hour and a half during the day if he wasn't sleeping, and at night to get him to go to sleep, nursing him to calm him down. I worried that it was me, that my milk wasn't enough for him to keep him happy. We tried giving him a bottle occasionally, but that really never did anything productive, in fact he usually just vomited that right up.

We determined that this kid is just a little fussy, and we are just going to have to wait it out to improve. Last night was horrible. Baby boy has been sleeping so well up to this point at night, until last night when he was up every 2-3 hours. It was ugly. I woke up feeling very defeated and frustrated. What are we supposed to do?
SO. Today, a friend from church offered to watch the girls so that I could have a break and maybe get some sleep today. I didn't think I would actually get any sleep, but after round one of trying to get baby boy to sleep he actually slept in his crib for almost two hours. Then I thought about trying the nuk pacifier this afternoon. I could tell that he was tired, he fought me for a while and I rocked and nursed him and finally stuck the nuk pacifier in his mouth and had to walk away. I got in the shower and expected to get out hearing screaming.

When I got out of the shower, it was quiet. Still. NO SOUND. I peeked over into his bed and he was asleep, with pacifier in his mouth! Okay, this to me is a triumph. Who knows how long it will last, but I am so grateful that he is sleeping. Tomorrow may be a whole new issue, and different circumstances, but right now, the baby sleeps, and I have the Nuk to thank for this break.

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